Over the years Larry’s Auto has received several national awards for cars we have built, restored, owned and shown. We feature a large indoor showroom filled with memorabilia and cars of all kinds. Stop by and check us out or give us a call. If we don’t have it we probably know where it is!

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Larry’s Auto was founded in 1968 by Larry and Sharon Molzen. It was originally a small hot rod, Corvette and motorcycle repair shop located in LeMars,IA. Larry has always had a love for fast cars and owned several new muscle cars himself in the 60’s. He also owned and drove several race cars from the 1960′ and into the mid 1970’s.

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In 1972 a new building was built on the family farm west of LeMars to included diesel truck and tractor repair along with the HotRod/Race car shop. After a couple nasty crashes Larry eventually gave up on the race cars and began buying and selling a few cars and trucks. 

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In 1981 Larry’s Auto moved to its current location in Merrill, IA. We are a family run business. Larry, Sharon and son Tim take pride in buying and selling some of the nations finest muscle cars, Hot Rods, Corvettes and classics along with high quality late model cars and trucks of all kinds.

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Our new building is finished. Check out the pictures or stop in and see the new 6000 sq. ft. showroom/warehouse in person. Special thanks to Doug and the crew at Hoppe Construction for all the hard work. 


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